Fee Schedule

Fee DescriptionAmount
Official Check$5.00
Money Order$4.00
Copy Request of Official Check$3.00
Lost/Stolen/Destroyed Official Checks (Replacement Fee)$30.00
Deposited Checks Returned UnpaidStatutory Limit
Nonsufficient Funds - ATM, Debit, ACH, Check$30.00
Uncollected Funds - ATM, Debit, ACH. Check$30.00
Overdraft Fee - ATM, Debit, ACH, Check$30.00
Transfer from Share to cover Overdraft$10.00
Stop Payments - ACH, Drafts, Official Checks, MO's$30.00
Account Research/Reconciliation (Per Hour)$30.00
Account Closed Within 90 Days$20.00
Copies of Statements$5.00
Printout of Account History$3.00
Copy of Cancelled Check$6.00
Over the Counter Temp Check$3.00
Outgoing Wires$20.00
Debit/ATM replacement card$20.00
Debit/ATM international activity$5.00
Abandoned Property/Escheatment$100.00
Dormant Account Fee (each statement period)$2.00
Tax Levy$30.00
Mortgage Payoff fee$25.00
Money Market - over 3 checks per month$1.00
PIN reset fee$3.00
Lost/Duplicate Passbook$20.00
IRA Close/Transfer Fee$30.00
Club Account Closed Early$10.00
Coupon Book Replacement$5.00
Returned Mail Fee$5.00
Non E-Statement Checking$5.00
Check Printing (fee depends on style of check ordered)