Fraud Alert

The purpose of this fraud alert is to inform you of a scam that involves unsolicited text messages sent to cell phones. The message urges the recipients to call a number provided for information about account discrepancies and then solicits individual account information and pin numbers. Cell phone users should be weary of unsolicited text […] Read more »

New Scam

The term vishing is a combination of “voice” and phishing. Vishing exploits the public’s trust in land-line telephone services, which have traditionally terminated in physical locations, are known to the telephone company, and are associated with a bill-payer. The victim is often unaware that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows for caller ID spoofing thus […] Read more »

Fraudulent Emails

There is a new type of Internet piracy called “phishing”. It’s pronounced “fishing”, and that’s exactly what these thieves are doing: “fishing” for your personal financial information. What they want are account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, and other confidential information that they can use to loot your checking account or run up bills on […] Read more »