Credit Union Auto Loan: Getting the Best Deal in New Bedford

While it’s a good thing that today’s consumers have so many options available when it comes to financing a brand new or used vehicle, all of those choices can sometimes be overwhelming. However, if you are a member of St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford, the choice becomes much more clear. A credit union […] Read more »

Finances 101: New Bedford Credit Union for College Students

Before you send your children off to college in the fall, set some time aside to speak with them about managing their personal finances. While some young adults will have already had a crash course in finances by having a part-time job while in high school or working to help pay for college, a good […] Read more »

Spend It or Save It: Tax Refund Tips for Credit Union Members

According to statistics posted by the Internal Revenue Service, approximately eight out of every ten people who file taxes in the United States will get a federal tax refund. IRS data reveals that the average return is approximately $2,800. While most financial planners will tell you that it is better to “break even” with your […] Read more »

Take Control of Your Finances at Your New Bedford Credit Union

There are many reasons why people join a credit union in New Bedford, but one of the biggest advantages is that choosing a credit union over a bank gives you opportunities to save money and take control of your finances that you just won’t find anywhere else. While getting a checking, savings and certificate of […] Read more »

Joining a Credit Union in New Bedford is Better Than a Bank

Once upon a time, credit unions were created as a new way for people to take care of their financial business. Credit union savings and checking accounts are quite similar to the services that most of us are familiar with getting at a traditional banking institution, but with lots of other benefits and advantages that […] Read more »

Credit Union Savings Account: Learn How to Be a Smart Saver

Lots of people get around to opening up a savings account, but there are few who really use it to their advantage. A basic Share Savings Account is required to opening up a membership at the St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford. Like most credit unions, helping our members learn how to save money […] Read more »

Checking Account Management: Keeping It All Under Control

Balancing a paper checkbook might seem like something only your parents or grandparents had to do, but the truth is that keeping a paper record of your transactions is the best way to learn how to keep your credit union checking account under control. Checking account management is more than just remembering to record the […] Read more »