How to Get a Credit Union Loan in Southeastern Massachusetts

As a member of St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford, you should make sure to consider applying for credit union loans whenever you are looking to make a major purchase. A credit union auto loan or home loan can have many benefits over other loan opportunities from traditional lenders. One study showed that credit […] Read more »

Spring Cleaning: Credit Union Member Tax Tips in New Bedford

The best time of year to get your financial “house” in order is spring. If you think about it, most of the major obligations are behind you: taxes, holiday shopping, paying off the credit cards from the holiday shopping. Take this time to perform your own financial spring cleaning. Go through all of your debts, […] Read more »

Loans & Savings Opportunities at Credit Union in New Bedford

While there are many options available to consumers today that might not have been available just a few years ago, there’s still something to be said for managing your money locally. Sure, you could sign up for a home loan online or put your money into a virtual savings account, but do you really know […] Read more »

Join a Credit Union in New Bedford for Smart Money Management

Studies reveal that the biggest hurdle faced by most Americans has less to do with making more money, and more about learning how to properly manage the money that they already make to pay monthly bills and save for the future. One way to accomplish that is to start by making a budget. Once you […] Read more »

Use Your Credit Union in New Bedford to Plan Summer Vacation

As you sit there in freezing temperatures, watching the snow continue to fall, what could be better than to start thinking about and planning for your summer vacation? You can increase your savings and make plans for a great getaway with the help of your New Bedford Share Savings account and other savings opportunities at […] Read more »

How to Get the Best Deal on a Loan: Join St Anne Credit Union

Whether you are purchasing a new or used car, buying a new house or refinancing a mortgage, it pays to check out the options available for credit union loans in order to get the best interest rates in New Bedford. While many people know how to negotiate a better price for the big-ticket item that […] Read more »

4 Tips to Use Credit Union Savings to Plan for Big Purchases

There are a lot of things that we use each and every day in our daily lives that would be considered a “big purchase,” especially when compared to the other items in our monthly budget. A hot water heater, a new refrigerator, a bigger television, a replacement computer or even a brand new guitar – […] Read more »