Why Good Credit is Important

Your credit report and score is used by lots of different people to gauge your personal responsibility and ability to properly manage your money. Landlords, employers and lenders alike use these tools to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive a loan, rent an apartment, obtain car insurance or get a job. If […] Read more »

Tips for Investing in Your Home

If you are thinking about making changes to your home, it pays to stop and think about how those changes will affect its value. Complete remodeling projects as well as small improvements can add value to a house, but its important to know what areas of your home will benefit most from your investment. This […] Read more »

Strategic Planning: The Smart Way to Buy a New Home in Massachusetts

While buying a new home is definitely not something that can be called an “impulse buy,” due to all of the steps and requirements needed to finalize a purchase, not being prepared to buy a new home in advance can cause many prospective home buyers to make purchases that they otherwise might have avoided. Learning […] Read more »

How to Join a Credit Union in New Bedford, Massachusetts

It seems as if everywhere you look these days, some business or website wants you to sign-up to join as a member. Is it worth all the time and hassle to sign up for a credit union? How long is the process? What do you have to do to qualify? Are there any specific requirements […] Read more »

Get the Most Out of Your New Bedford Credit Union Membership

Joining a credit union in New Bedford can be a great alternative to working with a bank. There are a lot of reasons why many people choose to join credit unions in the first place, but there are still many credit union members that don’t take full advantage of all the opportunities available to them […] Read more »

5 Reasons Why Credit Union Auto Loans are a Better Option

When most people start looking around to purchase a new or used car, they typically just go straight to the dealer and shop around for prices and deals. Unfortunately, most people end up submitting themselves to the mercy of the car dealer and just take the auto loan options given to them through the financial […] Read more »