Open a Christmas Club Savings Account at Your New Bedford CU

While it may say January on the calendar, now is the best time to start thinking about putting money aside for the holidays. A Christmas club savings account is a type of savings account that is available through your local New Bedford CU, which can be used to help start saving money for holiday shopping […] Read more »

What You Need to Know to Join a New Bedford Credit Union

After reviewing your most recent bank statement you might be thinking to yourself, “there has to be an alternative to all of these bank fees!” Joining your local New Bedford credit union can help you to save on some of the fees that are typically charged by traditional banking solutions, while providing you with unique […] Read more »

The 10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a House in Massachusetts

As the housing market begins to improve in the northeastern states, many families and individuals are looking into the idea of buying a house in Massachusetts. While it may seem like any other type of investment, buying a house is a completely different prospect than anything else you have ever purchased. Costing ten times or […] Read more »

Get Your Spending Under Control: How to Budget Like a Pro!

While there are some people who always have lots of cash on hand, know where every penny of their money is spent and never has to worry about paying their monthly bills, the rest of us need a lot of help in this area. Making and sticking to a budget can be tough, especially in […] Read more »

How St. Anne Credit Union Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions!

When it comes to making resolutions for the New Year, most Americans fall into a couple of basic categories. While some will talk about losing weight or quitting tobacco, there are many who are hoping to reduce debt, improve savings, save for retirement or cut spending so they can be in a better position financially. […] Read more »

Something to Talk About: Discussing Finances With Your Spouse/Partner

Creating a budget and taking care of the monthly bills is something that no one likes to do. Unfortunately, in most situations where a couple’s finances have taken a turn for the worse, admittedly only one person in the partnership is responsible for taking care of this monthly chore. Studies show that couples who work […] Read more »

Smart Finances: Year-End To-Do List for New Bedford Taxpayers

A recent study revealed that there are tens of millions in America that don’t even start to think about doing their taxes until the first week of April. However, the best way to reduce your annual tax bill and make sure that you get your paperwork filed on time is to start preparing before the […] Read more »