ATM Locations

SUM people pay a surcharge at the ATM. SUM don't.SUM people pay a surcharge at the ATM. SUM don’t.

ATM cards give you the power to conduct almost any basic bank transaction remotely, with complete security and at the simple touch of a few buttons. But be careful- ATM fees can add up quickly! More and more ATM owners are charging convenience fees (often called ‘surcharges’) to non-customers who use their machines. If you want to avoid ATM surcharges, then you may want to ask your financial institution about SUM.

Don’t be stuck…

Don’t be stuck without cash. St. Anne Credit Union offers SUM ATM cards. SUM ATM machines are all over Massachusetts and across the country. Just look for the distinctive SUM logo.

InstitutionAddress24 Hrs
St. Annes CUState Rd. St. Annes PlazaYes
Bank of Fall River75 Alden Rd.Yes
Bridgewater CU41 Fairhaven CommonsYes
Citizens Bank of MABerdon Plaza - ShawsNo
First Citizens Federal CUCafeteria, 200 Mill Road, 2nd Floor CafNo
Slades Ferry Bank75 Huttleston Ave.Yes
Southern Mass Credit Union123 Alden RoadYes
St. Annes CU93 Adams StreetYes
Fall River  
Bank of Fall River1485 Pleasant St.Yes
BankFive1301 Pleasant St.Yes
BankFive1501 South Main St.Yes
BankFive178 Elsbree St.Yes
BankFive4171 North Main St.Yes
BankFive79 North Main St.Yes
Citizens Bank of MA1237 Pleasant St.Yes
Citizens Bank of MA28 East Main St.Yes
Citizens Union Savings Bank490 Robeson St.Yes
Citizens Union Savings Bank4 South Main St.Yes
Citizens Union Savings Bank335 Stafford Rd.Yes
Citizens Union Savings Bank81 Troy St.Yes
Fall River Municipal CU289 Milliken Blvd.Yes
Fall River Municipal CU333 Milliken Blvd.Yes
Fall River Municipal CU1110 Robeson St.Yes
St. Annes CU1675 President Ave.Yes
St. Annes CU286 Oliver St.Yes
St. Annes CU2031 South Main St.Yes
Eastern Bank29 County Rd. Route 6Yes
New Bedford  
BankFive174 Union St.Yes
Citizens Bank of MA450 Ashley Blvd.Yes
Citizens Bank of MA951 Brock Ave.Yes
Citizens Union Savings Bank355 Acushnet Ave.Yes
Crescent CU2941 Acushnet Ave. - Trucchis Grocery StoreNo
First Citizens FCU271 Union St.Yes
Slades Ferry Bank833 Ashley Blvd.Yes
Lafayette Federal Savings Bank165 State Rd.Yes