Join St Anne Credit Union: Best Loan Options in New Bedford

new bedford credit union loansIf you are interested in getting loans for a new car, house, or a home equity line of credit (HELOC), consider joining a credit union in New Bedford. Credit union loans offer advantages that traditional banking organizations can’t match. Our members appreciate all of the New Bedford banking solutions available when they join St Anne Credit Union for everything from checking and savings to mortgage loans and refinancing. There are many advantages associated with joining a credit union, including the potential to save on loans compared to other banks and lenders.

Why Choose a Credit Union?

Consumers who are looking for an alternative to big banking organizations will appreciate the personalized customer service and saving opportunities that can come from a credit union in New Bedford. When you join St Anne Credit Union, you become a member. You are not a customer, but an invested member of our organization who has a vote and a voice in how things are run. A credit union is a not-for-profit financial institution that is designed to help members save money by offering low-cost checking and savings, as well as lower interest rate loans and fee-free opportunities. Each credit union will vary in what they offer, so make sure to speak with a representative for details.

If you need to borrow money or want to save for your future, deciding to join a credit union in New Bedford is a smart idea. Credit union loans can help you with big purchases and our opportunities for New Bedford banking solutions, including money market accounts and certificate of deposit savings, can help you to save for a downpayment, pay for college, or fund your retirement. In most cases, your credit union will be able to offer significant savings compared to traditional banks, either through reduced or eliminated fees, lower interest rates, or more opportunities for lending. Once you take time to learn the ins and outs of credit unions, you will discover that there are many advantages when you join St Anne Credit Union.

For-Profit Versus Not-For-Profit

Perhaps the most significant difference you will see between a traditional bank and a credit union in New Bedford is that banks are all about making money for their shareholders, while the credit union works for you. Banks are for-profit institutions, and they are in the business of using your money to make money for their board. Credit unions are member-owned cooperative institutions that use the money invested by members to offer more options, savings, and benefits to the membership as a whole. Lower interest rates and fees on loans are just the beginning. Getting credit union loans can have many advantages over loans from other lenders, with some credit unions being a better option for people with less-than-perfect credit.

To join St Anne Credit Union, you need to start by opening up a savings account. Our Main Share account requires just a minimum deposit of $25. You must also work or live in either Plymouth or Bristol county right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. Some credit unions may require their members to work in a particular trade or for a specific employer, but our New Bedford banking solutions are available to anyone who lives or works within our service area. Once you have established membership, you can open other types of accounts at our credit union in New Bedford and submit applications for loans. Some of our other solutions include Share Draft Checking, a Christmas Club Savings Account, Certificate of Deposit (CD) Accounts, Money Market Deposit Accounts, and IRA Share Accounts for retirement planning.

What Benefits Can You Get?

The best way to find out for sure what types of benefits you can get as a member of St Anne Credit Union is to speak with one of our representatives. The goal of a credit union is to share the profits made by the banking institution, distributing them in the form of reduced or eliminated fees, lower interest rates, and other unique opportunities. Our website features information on the current rates for savings and checking interest rates, or you can simply call our New Bedford branch and speak with a customer service agent.

All of the options that you might expect from other New Bedford banking solutions are available when you join St Anne Credit Union. Online banking with 24-hour access to all of your account information, the ability to choose e-statements instead of paper statements, and credit card access points for VISA cardholders to check balances, make payments, or transfer credit card balances to our low-interest accounts, are just some of the things that you can do via our website. We also offer calculators that you can use for auto and mortgage loans, view a list of SUM ATMs in the local area, or check on any specials that are available to our members.

Ready to Join St Anne Credit Union?

If you have been thinking about becoming a member of a credit union in New Bedford, there’s no better time than now. Give us a call at 508-993-0011 or stop by our branch at 93 Union Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Whether you want to start saving for the future, purchase a new home, or refinance an existing loan, you can count on our New Bedford banking solutions to help you achieve your goals.