11 of the Best Reasons to Join a Credit Union in New Bedford

Join St Anne Credit Union in New BedfordWhen it comes to finding the best place to open a New Bedford checking account, many locals are turning to Massachusetts credit union opportunities instead of traditional banks. There are many advantages associated with becoming a member when you join St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford that you just can’t get at a typical bank. As you will notice below, credit unions offer individuals the best of both worlds, providing checking, savings, and loan options that you would expect from a bank, but with customer service and perks that would be impossible in that type of setting.

Reason #1 – Credit Unions are Not-for-Profit Organizations

Unlike a bank, where the primary goal is to increase profits for shareholders, your Massachusetts credit union works for you. That means any profits gained throughout the year go directly to the members in the form of reduced banking fees, increased savings interest rates, and lower rates for loans at your credit union in New Bedford.

Reason #2 – Local and Personal

Large banking institutions often treat customers like a number, while credit unions take pride in being smaller and local, building a relationship with each member. Friendly representatives are ready to answer questions and provide support when you join St Anne Credit Union. Our membership serves Bristol and Plymouth counties in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Reason #3 – Lower Fees and Minimum Requirements

When you join a credit union, you will notice right away that there are lower monthly fees and balance requirements for your New Bedford checking account and savings. A large percentage of credit unions offer free checking accounts to their members, further saving you money.

Reason #4 – Increased Loan Flexibility

As a member of your local Massachusetts credit union, you will find that it is easier to get credit in the form of personal, auto, and home loans. Credit unions do not work under the heavy loan restrictions and qualifications mandated by large banking institutions, so they are more flexible and can often offer better deals to their members.

Reason #5 – Better Interest Rates

Whether you are opening a savings account at your local credit union in New Bedford or getting a loan for a new vehicle, it pays to know that you are getting the best rates. Many of the savings programs available to members that join St Anne Credit Union offer higher interest rates than the big banks, while the interest rates for loans are typically lower.

Reason #6 – Large Network of ATMs

Members of St Anne Credit Union have access to SUM ATMs, which are all over Massachusetts and across the country. Look for the SUM logo to access your money 24 hours a day, seven days a week with zero ATM fees or surcharges. Visit our website for a full list of ATM locations in our local area and information on where to find SUM ATM machines nationwide when you travel.

Reason #7 – Longevity

We hear a lot about banks that are here one day and gone the next. St Anne Credit Union is the oldest Southeastern Massachusetts credit union. Established on August 3, 1911, we serve over 2,000 members and have over $16,000,000 in assets. We are a member-owned, non-profit financial institution.

Reason #8 – Small Business and Community Support

The New Bedford City Council recognizes our service and commitment to the local community. We are proud to serve local businesses and support community growth and advancement through various financial opportunities throughout Plymouth and Bristol counties.

Reason #9 – Christmas Club Account

We provide our members with lots of great ways to save and take control of their finances. Our annual Christmas Club savings account provides members with the opportunity to put money away for holiday shopping and takes just $1 to get started.

Reason #10 – Loan Opportunities

Whether you need a loan for a new or used automobile, want to finance a motorcycle, obtain a personal loan of up to $10,000 or are looking at purchasing a new home, St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford has loan opportunities to match your requirements. Ask about

our Share Loans, Equity Loans, and Equity Line of Credit options as well.

Reason #11 – Easy to Join

All you need to do to join St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford is to give us a call at 508-993-0011 or visit us at 93 Union Street to discover the benefits of membership. Our members must either work or live in either Bristol or Plymouth counties in Southeastern Massachusetts. It takes just $25 to open a Main Share savings account, which is required to become a member of our Massachusetts credit union.