Growing Your Savings Faster at a Massachusetts Credit Union

grow savings in new bedford credit unionWhile most people are aware of the banking opportunities available at a traditional banking institution for managing personal finances, they are not always knowledgable about the options that they can get at a Massachusetts credit union. If you have been thinking about joining a credit union New Bedford, take time to explore the products available for credit union savings in addition to the credit union checking account. When you join a credit union, you become a member. As a member, you have a vote and a voice in how things are done. Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations, which means that any profits generated get passed back to the member in the form of reduced fees and higher interest rates.

Credit unions are an excellent alternative to big traditional banks. Instead of working to earn profits for board members, your credit union works for you. They have all of the regular checking, savings, loans, and investment opportunities that you know from your banking experience, but established in a way that benefits you even more. Why work to make a bank rich, when you can work to earn more money for your very own future? Since 1911, St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford has served the people who work and live in Southeastern Massachusetts. To become a member, one only has to live or work in either Plymouth or Bristol counties. Our main branch is located in New Bedford, but there are ATM locations all over New England and across the country to provide you with access to your account.

Why Choose a Massachusetts Credit Union?

Aside from all of the benefits already discussed, there are many reasons to join a credit union instead of becoming a customer at a bank. While many banks have lowered the interest rates that they pay out to customers down to practically nothing, your credit union New Bedford has made it worthwhile to save money in your credit union savings, money market, and credit union checking account. When you join a Massachusetts credit union, you begin by opening what is known as a Share Savings account. In addition to this basic credit union savings account, there are other products available for you to use for increasing your savings and growing your money.

In addition, a credit union in New Bedford that is a member of the National Credit Union Administration or NCUA, including St Anne Credit Union, is just as safe as depositing money in a bank that is protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Group or FDIC. You can easily compare apples to apples by looking at the interest rates offered at a Massachusetts credit union for credit union savings accounts compare to bank savings accounts. Check the certificate of deposit (CD) and money market accounts as well, and you will see the difference. If your goal is to grow your money and save for your future, your best bet is to join St Anne Credit Union New Bedford.

Online Banking Opportunities and Other Perks

You might think that by gaining all of these options to increase your interest rate earnings will mean that you have to give something up when you join a Massachusetts credit union. The truth is that everything you have at your traditional bank is also available at your local credit union. Online banking opportunities, mobile banking, and the use of our network of SUM ATM locations, which offer no-fee use for members provide even more advantages over banks. We have everything you need to manage your finances, from a basic credit union checking account to multi-year, high-interest savings products like CDs, money market accounts, and more.

We even have options that the banks don’t have, including a Christmas Club opportunity, which helps members to save for holiday shopping and reduce costs and fees associated with annual credit card debt. We also have an IRA Share account opportunity to help you plan for retirement, which just a minimum balance of $500 required to get started. Make sure to speak with a representative at St Anne Credit Union New Bedford for more details on all of the products, programs, and services available when you join our Massachusetts credit union. Give us a call at 508-993-0011 to speak with one of our agents or to learn more about how to get started and join our popular credit union right away.