Advantages of Banking at a Local Credit Union in New Bedford

Local New Bedford Credit Union Banking AdvantagesWhile everyone is busy “going global,” it pays to check out your options and see the benefits of sticking with local services. There are a lot of options that allow consumers to do their banking with national organizations, big conglomerate financial institutions that treat their customers like faceless, nameless numbers. You could also do your banking online via a web-based bank where you will never meet a single representative face-to-face or have the opportunity to go into a branch for assistance. Perhaps this lack of customer support is why so many consumers have decided to join a local credit union in New Bedford instead. Customer service is an essential part of doing business, whether you have a simple checking and savings account or if you invest in an IRA, money market account, or have an auto loan.

What to Expect at a Credit Union

When you join a local credit union, you can expect to get quality customer service from a local representative who understands the needs and interests of residents in the community. Come by and speak with one of our team members any time during credit union hours in New Bedford to learn more about our savings and checking opportunities. A New Bedford Share Savings account is all that is necessary to establish membership at St Anne Credit Union. The minimum amount required to open a savings account at our credit union is just $25.00. In order to open any other type of savings account or obtain a loan, you must have a Main Share Savings account.

Credit union hours in New Bedford are similar to what you would expect from a traditional banking institution. We also have online banking opportunities so you can keep an eye on and manage your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to our Main Share account, we also have Share Draft Checking, Christmas Club savings accounts, Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts, Money Market deposit accounts, and IRA Share accounts to help our members grow their money and learn how to put it to work for them. Savings account interest rates are posted on our website and are updated frequently. You can also contact one of our representatives for current rates if you are unable to go online.

Why Local is Better

If you truly want to support your local economy, joining a local credit union in New Bedford is the way to go. Studies reveal that large multi-state or national banks only provide approximately 18 percent of their commercial loans to small businesses. Credit unions serve the local community, so every single loan that we offer at St Anne Credit Union goes to local members. Whether to purchase a brand new house, refinance a mortgage, buy a new or used automobile, pay off debt, or fund a small business start-up, our members take advantage of low-interest rates and New Bedford credit savings.

Our representatives also live in the local community, which means that you just might even know the people who work at our New Bedford branch. Instead of nameless or faceless customers served under a big corporate bank, we prefer the friendly and helpful approach that comes from hiring locals to serve local members within Plymouth and Bristol counties. We work with each member one-on-one to help them get the products and services they require, such as home or auto loans, special savings opportunities and other options at our credit union in New Bedford, MA.

A New Type of Banking Experience

If you have become frustrated with the traditional banking experience and want something that is more local, more personal, and more in tune with who you are and what you want to do with your financial management, consider joining a credit union. St Anne Credit Union has many years of experience. In fact, we are the longest running, member-owned, non-profit financial institution in Southeastern Massachusetts. Since 1911, we have proudly served local communities in Bristol and Plymouth counties, offer a wide range of products and services to our members.

To become a member, just come to our office located at 93 Union Street in New Bedford OR give us a call at 508-993-0011. Membership is open to anyone who lives or works within our Bristol and Plymouth county service area. As a member, you have a right to elect our Board of Directors and receive a share in any profits made through dividends. There are many benefits to joining a credit union, including reduced costs for loans and fees. To learn more about all of the opportunities available to our members, give us a call or stop by to speak with a representative in person!