Credit Union in New Bedford: Smart Checking Account Management

New Bedford Credit Union Checking Account ManagementToday’s checking accounts are about much more than just writing checks to pay the monthly bills. A New Bedford checking account can provide you with many benefits and services that you can use to your advantage. Smart checking account management tools and techniques can help you to find new ways to take control over your money and ensure that you are using it and spending it wisely. To join St Anne Credit Union, you begin by opening up a Share Savings account. However, once you become a member, you can start a credit union checking account and gain access to all of the beneficial tools, services, and opportunities that come with a standard checking account. Credit union online banking is also a very helpful service that can help you to stay on top of spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What You Can Do

Many of the services that are available through your New Bedford checking account can help you to manage the money that is coming in and the money that is going out in a much better way. Checking account management is essential to help members stay on top of bills, ensure that they have enough funds for monthly expenses, and prevent an overdraft or rejected payments for essential bills, such as utilities or mortgage payments. Credit union online banking tools help busy members to monitor their credit union checking account from home through the use of a personal computer or on the go with mobile access.

Money that is coming in can include direct deposits, paper check deposits, and even mobile deposits made with a smartphone app. It is important to know how much money you’ve got coming in and to make sure that deposits are completed promptly to cover bills and other costs that fall under the “money that is going out” category.
Money that is going out can include paper checks that are written, ATM withdrawals, debit card swipes, person-to-person payments, mobile debits, and in-person purchases. Bill pay services can also be used to make car payments, pay for utility bills, post mortgage payments, and ensure other regular monthly bills get taken care of on time to prevent late fees.

Ask About Other Services

As a member of St Anne Credit Union, you gain access to other services associated with your Share Savings and credit union checking account. Make sure to ask about other opportunities that you can use to reduce costs for services frequently purchased at other locations, such as cashier’s checks or foreign currency exchange. Safe deposit boxes, special savings programs, and investment opportunities that can be used to grow your money are also available through your New Bedford checking account at your local credit union in New Bedford.

Some of the account options available at St Anne Credit Union include:

  • Main Share Account – used to establish membership and required to open other types of savings accounts or to obtain a credit union loan
  • Share Draft Checking – this is our New Bedford checking account option, and it requires no minimum to open; ask about the “starter kit” which is available on the day you open your account
  • Christmas Club – start with a $1 minimum and save money all year long to help reduce stress and financial concerns around the holidays; speak with a representative about how to use this savings tool to benefit checking account management
  • Specialty Savings Opportunities – ask about our Money Market Deposit Account, Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account, and IRA Share Account to help you grow your money and invest in your future

Using Technology to Your Advantage

While we have already discussed the benefits of credit union online banking for checking account management, there are other advantages associated with using today’s technology with your membership accounts. Sign up to receive monthly e-statements to save $5 a month for paper statements from St Anne Credit Union. Use our website to locate SUM ATM locations to save on withdrawal surcharges or “convenience” fees associated with using other ATMs for non-customers. There are SUM ATMs all over Massachusetts and throughout the country, making it convenient for you to withdraw funds fee-free everywhere you travel.

Credit union online banking is a valuable tool that can help you to stay on top of all charges, deposits, and use of your New Bedford checking account and savings programs. ATMs offer convenience for members who want to withdraw cash or complete other transactions after hours. Speak with a representative at our local branch to find out more about all of the other advantages associated with getting a credit union checking account at St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford. We can answer any questions that you might have about checking account management, share insight into the tools, discounts, and opportunities available to members, and help you make a smart choice for better money management. Give us a call at 508-993-0011 or stop by our branch location on Union Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts.