Credit Union Loans for Cars: Low Interest Rates in New Bedford

Credit Union Car Loans in New BedfordThinking about buying a new or used car? Have you checked the interest rates in New Bedford at your local credit union? There are lots of great reasons to consider getting credit union loans for everything from new and used vehicles, motorcycles, real estate, and more. There are great deals available at your local credit union in New Bedford, which can provide members with exciting opportunities that can’t be found at most traditional banking institutions. Credit union online banking, savings, checking, money market accounts, certificate of deposit, and much more can all be obtained at St Anne Credit Union.

Why Choose St Anne Credit Union

There are lots of options available for credit unions in Southeastern Massachusetts, but if you professional, friendly, and experienced representatives who will work with you to provide the best solutions to meet your needs, you can’t beat St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford. The oldest credit union in the local region, St Anne has been around since 1911, serving members who live or work in Bristol and Plymouth counties. We have all of the financial opportunities you could ever need to help grow and manage your money, along with credit union loans that can offer some of the best interest rates in New Bedford.

As a non-profit financial institution, St Anne Credit Union is very different from any other type of traditional banking experience you might have had in the past. We work for the benefit of our members, not a group of shareholders. Instead of being “just a number” at a regular bank, credit unions have a unique approach and are able to treat our members like members. Each member has a voice and a vote in how things are done. Members are eligible for discounts, reduced fees, as well as other benefits and rewards. To learn more about the perks of membership, give us a call or stop by our main branch on Union Street in New Bedford, MA and speak with one of our friendly representatives.

Top Reasons to Get Auto Credit Union Loans

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer to get credit union loans when buying a new or used automobile is due to lower interest rates in New Bedford and the surrounding area. On average, a credit union loan will be at least a whole percent lower than traditional banks. With a credit union auto loan, you could save hundreds of dollars or more compared to a loan with another financial institution. Credit unions are very competitive compared to other types of lenders in most situations.

Some of the other reasons why credit union loans are best include:

  • Personal Service – Credit unions serve the community and, as a result, their representatives work harder to serve their members. Because they are smaller than large financial institutions, credit unions have closer ties to the local community and are more likely to be able to work with members if they need assistance. Credit unions are also more likely to be flexible in the underwriting process for credit union loans, making it easier for some individuals to get loans without a lot of hassle. They treat you like a person, not a name on an application.
  • Bonus Benefits – Even if you only become a member to take advantage of low interest rates in New Bedford for credit union loans, you will get all of the benefits available to every other member of St Anne Credit Union. Credit unions are different from banks. They are owned by the membership, so any profits that are made go back to the members. This is how we are able to offer lower costs on everything from car loans to mortgages, home equity loans, credit cards, and personal loans.
  • Easy Access to Accounts – Today’s credit unions work together to create a network of shared branches and ATM networks, providing their members with access to thousands of outlets nationwide. Just because you have a credit union in New Bedford doesn’t mean you can’t access your account all the way across the country. Speak with our agents about opportunities to use your St Anne Credit Union card at thousands of ATMs throughout the New England region and nationwide.
  • Knowledge & Experience – Working with credit union loans for new and used vehicles is a big part of what we do. When you visit St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford to discuss your options for a loan, you just might be surprised at all of the opportunities available to our members. As a result, many auto dealerships are now referring their customers directly to local credit unions to take advantage of the best interest rates in New Bedford.

Join St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford

If you would like to learn more about our membership opportunities, credit union online banking, or need credit union loans to purchase a new vehicle, home, or to make home improvements, give us a call at 508-993-0011. We can answer any questions that you might have about joining our credit union in New Bedford and can help you find the financial solution that’s right for you.