Top Credit Union Online Banking Opportunities in New Bedford

Whether you are already a credit union member in New Bedford or if you are just thinking about joining St Anne Credit Union, you should consider all of the opportunities available for online banking. While you might think that the term credit union online “banking” is a little odd, banking is a term that is used to describe all of the activities you do with a credit union, such as managing and using your savings and checking accounts. While there are some similarities to a traditional bank account, there are many benefits associated with joining a credit union over a local or national bank. It all starts with a New Bedford Share Savings account, which is required to become a member, and then branches out to all sorts of financial opportunities that you can use to your advantage.

Why Use Credit Union Online Banking?
It seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in a day to do all of the things we need to do for our jobs, families, and finances. Credit union online banking is available when you join St Anne Credit Union, and it helps members to manage their checking and savings accounts whenever and wherever they find the time. Certain activities can be done online that would previously have required a trip to the local credit union. Check out our online banking member guide for all the necessary information needed to sign up for online banking, including setting up a username and password for access.

  • Convenience is the number one advantage cited by our members. Instead of being fixed to lobby or drive-up hours at your local credit union to manage your New Bedford Share Savings, transferring money between accounts or paying bills through your Share Checking account, you can take care of this business online from home in your PJs at your convenience. Spend more time with family and friends while still taking care of your credit union account online.
  • Not having to wait in line or on hold for an account representative on the phone is another major benefit of credit union online banking. Just sign on to your account, access the New Bedford Share Savings or Share Checking account that you need to view and make the necessary changes or transactions that you require. You won’t have to wait in line, hold for an operator or waste time doing anything else.
  • Better money management is another advantage to online services. Check out the online banking member guide for details on how you can access your account to keep track of your money 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get your balance, check to see if transactions have cleared, view any holds or authorizations – all from the privacy of your desktop or mobile device. You won’t have to wait for your local credit union to open, just log onto your account and use your credit union online banking access to view all of the current details for your checking and savings accounts.
  • Easy transfers from one account to another account makes it easy to avoid overdrafts or access the funds that you need for a one-time purchase.Quickly and easily move money from your New Bedford Share Savings into your checking account so you can buy the things that you need or take advantage of special sales for something you want to purchase. Two days before payday but you need groceries for the house? Use credit union online banking to transfer some funds from savings into checking and then use it again to move the money back into savings after you get paid. It’s that easy!

How It Works
When you join St Anne Credit Union, make sure to ask about our online banking member guide. You can sign up for credit union online banking and then access your New Bedford Share Savings, Share Checking and other credit union accounts. Once you login to your account, you will be on the Home Page. This will reveal all of your accounts, including available and current balances. It will also display any messages and your email address.

Once inside, you can use the Account Tab to view all of your accounts, look at details, and go over history for the accounts. The History View lets you get into even more details about each account, which are revealed when you select “Account Details” and specify a date range, search for a specific date, or search for a specific transaction amount. You can even export all of the account information to an MS Money or .csv file for advanced financial tracking and bookkeeping.

Join St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford
If you live or work in either Plymouth or Bristol county, you are eligible to become a member of St Anne Credit Union. To explore the credit union online banking opportunities, make sure to ask for our online banking member guide. To join St Anne Credit Union, all you need to do is apply to open a New Bedford Share Savings account. Our friendly account representatives can help you get started today! Give us a call at 508-993-0011 or stop by our location on Union Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts.