How to Get the Best Deal on a Loan: Join St Anne Credit Union

Whether you are purchasing a new or used car, buying a new house or refinancing a mortgage, it pays to check out the options available for credit union loans in order to get the best interest rates in New Bedford. While many people know how to negotiate a better price for the big-ticket item that they want to buy, such as a car, truck or even a house, it is also important to know what to expect when you apply for a credit union home loan or car loan.

The Credit Union Advantage
The first step is to join St Anne Credit Union. Some credit unions require you to work with a certain company or trade industry, while others require you to belong to a certain club or trade union. The criteria to join St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford is to either work or live in Bristol or Plymouth counties right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. You start by opening up a Share Savings account. To learn more about becoming a member of our member-owned, non-profit credit union, give us a call or stop by in-person.

When you become a member of a local credit union, you gain access to lots of great opportunities to grow and use your money strategically, as well as options for credit union loans and investments. Call and ask about our interest rates in New Bedford, as well as other discounts and options available to our members. We can help you prepare to get a credit union home loan or car loan, so you will be in the best shape to get the best deal available that will help you to save money over the lifetime of your loan.

Skip the Dealer Loans
If you are looking to buy a new or used vehicle, make sure to skip the dealer loans in order to get the best deal possible. A lot of the loans available through the local dealer come with higher interest rates in New Bedford and the surrounding area than you can typically get at your local financial institution. As a member of St Anne Credit Union, you can even come in and get pre-approved for credit union loans before you go car shopping, so you will have the loan process application already taken care of by the time you pick out a new vehicle.

This will save you a lot of time and will help you choose a vehicle that is within your budget. There are other types of credit union loans that are available for pre-approved opportunities as well, including a credit union home loan. Come work with our seasoned customer service representatives to determine how much house you can afford, learn more about payment opportunities, and to get the best deal possible on interest rates in New Bedford and the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts region.

Know Your Credit History
It can be very helpful to take the time to learn about your credit score and credit history before you go shopping for credit union loans. You are entitled to receive free copies of your credit report each year from the three primary agencies, including Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. If you pay a small fee, you can even get your exact credit score. This can be helpful in determining whether or not you will be able to qualify for a credit union home loan or auto loan. Your local representative can help you understand the credit report and let you know what the requirements are for credit scores to get the type of loan you require.

Qualifying for Credit Union Loans
Start by deciding to join St Anne Credit Union in order to get access to the best interest rates in New Bedford for credit union loans. Basic requirements for new and used auto loans or motorcycle loans, include having a Main Share Account with a $25 minimum balance and proof of income, as well as other information needed to finalize a loan. To get a credit union home loan, whether you require equity loans, an equity line of credit or mortgage loans, speak with a representative to learn more about the current requirements, terms, and conditions.

Give us a call at 508-993-0011 or stop by our location on Union Street in New Bedford, MA. Our agents can help you learn how to join St Anne Credit Union, apply for credit union loans, and take advantage of all the great opportunities available to help you grow and manage your money!