New Bedford Share Savings: How to Save Quickly for a Vacation

Save Money for a VacationThere are many situations where planning a year – or even six months – in advance for a summer vacation might be impossible. Perhaps you thought you might not get the time off that you wanted or maybe some original plans to stay home during a vacation had changed. Either way, if you find yourself with less than six months time to plan for a vacation and you don’t want to go in debt by using your credit cards, it is important to start saving now.

If you have a credit union checking account and share savings account at St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford, you have all the tools you need to save and grow your money in time for your summer vacation. The first thing you need to do is make a budget. That way you’ll know exactly how much money you will require to achieve your vacation goals so you can complete your plans. There are also other ways that you can save, such as a New Bedford money market account or automatic transfers. Even a certificate of deposit in New Bedford could be used to your advantage, helping you to put money away and earn interest while saving for your summer vacation.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize
Finding new ways to save money and stash it away in your New Bedford share savings account, almost always means making a sacrifice. Think about all of the $5 coffees you buy each week. Cutting your coffee, fast food or snack intake just in half will help you build up your savings, and just might help to prepare you for swimsuit weather at the same time. Brown bagging it with a healthy homemade lunch instead of your usual burger can save you up to $50 or more in just a week.

Look at other ways that you can make small changes or cuts that will help you put more money into a credit union checking account or certificate of deposit in New Bedford. Reducing your cable or satellite TV package, cutting utilities, costs and subscriptions for things that you no longer or rarely use, canceling that membership to the gym you haven’t visited since you joined – there are lots of great ways to save a little here and there that could be used to go toward your summer vacation.

Food Costs – the Big Saver
Studies show that the biggest waste of money in the typical American home is through food. Learning to cut coupons and shop from a list will help you to reduce spending on breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Going out to dinner less and focusing more on eating at home can literally save you hundreds of dollars each month. You don’t need to eliminate it completely, just start by cutting your out-to-eat time in half and go from there. If you go out every single Friday, try going out every other Friday and substituting one week with frozen or homemade pizza and $1 movie rental night. Just think about how much you will save compared to restaurant dining, movie theater tickets and that $20 bucket of popcorn.

Other ways to save on food costs:

  • “Meatless Monday” meals
  • Buy fresh foods, not pre-packaged foods
  • Once-a-month cooking and freezing methods
  • Slow cooker dinners and other make-ahead meals
  • Go “out” for dessert like frozen yogurt instead of out for dinner

Savings Encouragements
There are other ways to get more money into your credit union checking account, share savings or certificate of deposit in New Bedford. The best way to stay focused on putting money away each week into your New Bedford money market account is to stay encouraged. Creating a wall chart that helps you keep track of milestones in savings and shows your goal for the summer vacation of your dreams can help to be inspirational. Using online savings apps and other tech-based methods has been shown to be helpful as well. Speak with your account representative at St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford to find out even more ways that you can use your accounts to your advantage. A New Bedford share savings account really is all you need to start saving money for your vacation.

To learn more about saving money – or to open a New Bedford share savings or credit union checking account, just give us a call at 508-993-0011. Just be a resident or employee in Bristol or Plymouth counties in Southeastern Massachusetts, and you can get on your way to opening a beneficial savings account, money market account or certificate of deposit in New Bedford. Or, stop by our location on Union Street in New Bedford for even more information.