Getting Home & Auto Loans at Your Credit Union in New Bedford

Home and Auto LoansOne of the perks of joining a credit union in New Bedford is having the ability to take advantage of great rates on credit union home loans and auto loans. In addition to all of the regular services, such as credit union online banking for Share Savings and NOW Checking accounts, there are lots of great ways to grow your money and use your money to purchase the things that you need in your life. A New Bedford auto loan or home loan through your local credit union can give you a lot more options than anything you can get from a traditional financial institution or car lot loan. It pays to work with your local customer service agent to get the best possible deal available at St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Advantage #1 – Great Rates
One of the best reasons to shop your local credit union home loan and auto loan opportunities is that you can get great rates. Because credit unions are member owned, non-profit organizations, one of the ways that they pass on any profits that they do make is through lower-interest rate loans and reduced fees. This is great news for anyone looking to get a New Bedford auto loan or home loan – even home equity loans and refinancing options. While there are many perks to having a credit union membership for residents and employees in the counties of Bristol and Plymouth in Southeastern Massachusetts at St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford, these great rates opportunities are by far one of the sweetest!

Advantage #2 – Better Service
Another reason why so many more locals are turning to credit union online banking opportunities for checking, savings, investments and loans is that they get better service. At a credit union in New Bedford, you are not “just” a number. If you have ever banked with a large banking institution, you know what that means. You do not become a customer, you become a member. And as a member you have a vote in credit union leadership and management, as well as a stake in the success of the financial institution as a whole. As a result, customer service is a completely different prospect at a credit union versus a bank. You are treated as one of the stockholders in the organization, not just a number on a ledger. Stop by St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford to see the difference for yourself.

Advantage #3 – Increased Opportunities
As a member of a credit union, you have more opportunities for getting a New Bedford auto loan or home loan than other potential buyers. Low-credit or not-so-good credit can sometimes be worked with to help you still get a great credit union home loan or car loan at a great rate. Studies show that prospective home buyers who do not meet the typical profile for purchasing real estate, such as perfect credit history or never owning a home before, will often be able to get financed through their local credit union. While each individual person’s experience will be different, when you work with a financial institution as a member instead of as a customer, you will get better results.

Loans Available at St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford
To become a member of our local credit union, all you need to do is open a $25 Share Savings account and work or live in either Bristol or Plymouth counties right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. Once you become a member of our credit union in New Bedford, you can start utilizing a NOW Checking account and other great savings and investment opportunities to help grow your money. In addition to savings, we also offer a wide variety of loan options to qualified members.

  • New Auto Loans – Members need to bring in proof of income, bring in a copy of the purchase contract and RMV-1 form from the car dealer, and proof of insurance. There is also a $21 Single Vendor’s Interest Insurance fee added to the loan amount and GAP insurance is also available for just $300. A Main Share Account with a $25 minimum balance is also required for application. In addition to New Bedford auto loans, also ask about our refinancing opportunities, motorcycle loans and used auto loans, which have similar requirements.
  • Equity Loans – We will do loans up to $125,000 up to 75 percent of the value of your home, less what you owe on your first mortgage. Terms on these equity credit union home loans are five to fifteen years. This type of loan is only available on properties that are currently occupied by the owner. Similar rules are applied for an Equity Line of Credit. Both types of credit union home loans can be applied for in-person at St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford.
  • Home Loan – We offer our members fixed rate mortgages that range between five and thirty years. To get the most accurate information on our mortgage plans and rates in New Bedford, the credit union home loan department should be contacted directly. Our agents can also help provide you with information regarding any requirements and application process information.

To find out more about how to become a member of St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford or to learn about our credit union home loan and auto loan opportunities, give us a call at 508-993-0011. Our agents can help you with savings, checking, credit union online banking options, money market accounts, personal loans and much more at our location on Union Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts.