Checking Account Management: Keeping It All Under Control

account-managementBalancing a paper checkbook might seem like something only your parents or grandparents had to do, but the truth is that keeping a paper record of your transactions is the best way to learn how to keep your credit union checking account under control. Checking account management is more than just remembering to record the checks that you write, it’s also about recording ATM withdrawals, transactions, online purchases and the bills that you pay each month. It also means reconciling your checkbook at the end of the month when you get your statement to make sure that everything cleared and to carry over anything that is still pending.

While the online account services that are available through your New Bedford credit union are great for checking things on-the-go and making sure you have enough in your account to complete a transaction, there’s still something to be said for using a paper checkbook to manage your accounts. St Anne Credit Union New Bedford has all of the tools you need to help keep your accounts under control to help you maintain better skills with relation to proper checking account management. When you are in control of your own money, you are able to grow it instead of being a slave to it.

Building Good Habits: How to Take Control

Write it all down – each and every transaction you make, whether it is a deposit or a debit against your credit union checking account. When you get in the habit of writing down everything that you do, you will give yourself the power and the control to make sure that you know everything that is going on with your checking account. You will never again be caught off-guard with surprise transactions or overdraft fees. Once these habits become a part of your nature, you won’t really even have to think about them anymore.

Using Online Banking to Your Advantage

One of the best benefits associated with using online access to your New Bedford credit union accounts, is having the ability to reconcile your accounts immediately or on a daily and weekly basis. You no longer have to wait for the monthly statement to arrive to verify whether or not transactions have cleared your account. You can use this online advantage in conjunction with your paper checkbook recordings for even better checking account management.

Establish Your Own Rules

If you are having a hard time recording your transactions in a paper checkbook as they happen, consider creating your own formula for success. One of the more popular budgeting programs in America today suggests that you put all receipts into an envelope and then record them at the end of the day. This means all those receipts from the coffee shop on the way to work, the sandwich cart at the office, the gas station, the ATM machine, the convenience store, the grocery store and even shopping at the mall. Don’t just stuff those receipts in your pocket or inside of a purse, have an intentional spot for them to go into, such as a plain envelope or a special budgeting envelope, whatever works best for you.

Apply Your Skills Elsewhere

Once you are in control of your checking account management for your accounts at St Anne Credit Union New Bedford, go ahead and apply those new-found skills to other financial areas of your life. Learning how to stay on top of a credit union checking account will help you to hold yourself more accountable when putting money into a savings account at your New Bedford credit union. It can also help you to manage your money more diligently when you open a money market account or invest into a certificate of deposit. Speak with an agent at St Anne about opening up a retirement account. Once you have your checking account management skills under control, you’ll be able to put your money to work for you.

Open an Account Today at St Anne Credit Union New Bedford

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