How Joining a Southeastern Massachusetts Credit Union Can Improve Your Finances

If you are looking to open up a new account to take care of your banking business, such as checking and savings accounts, but that will also help you learn how to improve your finances, consider joining a Southeastern Massachusetts credit union. There are lots of choices available to American consumers when it comes to picking a financial institution, and while some choose to save and invest their money in a traditional bank, those who choose to do so in a credit union are reaping the benefits of membership.

Valued Members
Members of a Southeastern Massachusetts credit union understand that they aren’t just customers or numbers on a ledger, they are contributing, involved members in a cooperative financial organization. Credit unions were designed to involve members in every part of the process, from having a vote for Board Members that run the union to receiving annual dividends when the credit union makes a profit.

Credit unions value members who have checking and savings accounts with their institutions much more than typical banks do. At a bank, you are a customer, an account holder. Shareholders make all of the decisions about how the bank is run because they are the ones who profit if it does well financially. Credit union members all benefit when the credit union succeeds, so each member gets an equal vote.

When it comes to your personal financial situation, a credit union that is operated locally by people within the community on behalf of its members, is much more interested in helping you learn how to improve your finances. Most banks are unable to give customers the personal attention that they need when they experience problems with their financial affairs. Chances are, the only customers at your bank that are getting personal attention are those who have the largest balances and investments.

Better Management
Whether you need to get a loan for your home or car, want to invest your money into an IRA or certificate of deposit, or would just like to get basic checking and savings accounts, a credit union can help you to better manage your accounts and investments. Because your local Southeastern Massachusetts credit union is local and smaller in size than the average mega bank, it is much easier for you to establish a good working relationship with the representatives at the credit union than you would be able to with a bank manager or teller.

Another way that you can learn how to improve your finances is through the establishment of credit. Whether you just got your first job or are looking to improve your credit history, one of the benefits of membership at a credit union is all of the options available that can help you build up your credit. There are products and services designed to help you reach your full financial potential, no matter where you currently are in your life.

Home loans, lines of credit, auto loans and more, speak with your credit union representative for all of the available options that can help you make smart decisions about your finances. If you are ready to start saving for your retirement or want to add to your retirement savings, a financial expert at your Southeastern Massachusetts credit union can help you get started with an IRA account or other savings investment opportunity.

Financial Education
Maybe you are ready to start investing, but don’t know how to begin. What type of investment program is best for you and your financial situation? Your Southeastern Massachusetts credit union can help give you the financial education you need to determine which route is best. From certificates of deposit to money market accounts, IRA investments and high-yield savings, you can learn how to improve your finances by making smart decisions.

Helpful and friendly credit union staff can help you get on your way to learning how to improve your finances. Just start with basic checking and savings accounts and then move your way up to explore other benefits of membership. Contact St. Anne Credit Union in New Bedford for more information about joining a local Southeastern Massachusetts credit union by calling 508-993- 0011.