Interest Rates Savings: Paying Off Home or Auto Loans Early

One of the biggest debates that most people have about finances with regard to a credit union auto loan or credit union home loan, is whether or not they should pay off the loans early in order to gain interest rates savings. When you work with the knowledgeable and experienced customer representatives at St Anne […] Read more »

Getting the Most from a Credit Union Checking Account in MA

Many people take their New Bedford Share Savings and checking accounts for granted. They are a necessary part of banking and taking control of our finances. While the savings is used to open our credit union accounts and put money aside for future events or purchases. We use our checking accounts to pay bills, deposit […] Read more »

Achieve Savings Goals at St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford

The only one who can keep you from achieving your savings goals is you. The best way to build up your savings and start putting away money for future purchases or goals is to work with your local credit union in New Bedford. While you might not be able to control what happens in the […] Read more »

Making the Switch: Leaving Your Bank to Join a Credit Union

Some people go through life thinking about banks and other financial services as “necessary evils,” chalking up their own difficult and frustrating experiences as par for the course. After all, their parents used the local bank and their grandparents used the local bank – it’s just what people do in order to cash paychecks, pay […] Read more »

Refinancing in New Bedford, MA: Get a Credit Union Home Loan

Have you been thinking about refinancing your home loan in Massachusetts? There are a lot of advantages to getting a home loan with your local New Bedford credit union. Many mortgage companies and large banks just can’t compete with the personal service and benefits that you will get at your local credit union. For example, […] Read more »

What’s Better: Credit Union Savings or Money Market Account?

When it comes to finding the best method for saving and investing your money, there’s no better way to get started than with a New Bedford share savings account at St Anne Credit Union. There are lots of ways to use a credit union savings account to your advantage, but when you are ready to […] Read more »

Credit Union Auto Loan: Getting the Best Deal in New Bedford

While it’s a good thing that today’s consumers have so many options available when it comes to financing a brand new or used vehicle, all of those choices can sometimes be overwhelming. However, if you are a member of St Anne Credit Union in New Bedford, the choice becomes much more clear. A credit union […] Read more »

Finances 101: New Bedford Credit Union for College Students

Before you send your children off to college in the fall, set some time aside to speak with them about managing their personal finances. While some young adults will have already had a crash course in finances by having a part-time job while in high school or working to help pay for college, a good […] Read more »

Spend It or Save It: Tax Refund Tips for Credit Union Members

According to statistics posted by the Internal Revenue Service, approximately eight out of every ten people who file taxes in the United States will get a federal tax refund. IRS data reveals that the average return is approximately $2,800. While most financial planners will tell you that it is better to “break even” with your […] Read more »

Take Control of Your Finances at Your New Bedford Credit Union

There are many reasons why people join a credit union in New Bedford, but one of the biggest advantages is that choosing a credit union over a bank gives you opportunities to save money and take control of your finances that you just won’t find anywhere else. While getting a checking, savings and certificate of […] Read more »