Saving for Your Retirement with an IRA in New Bedford

Are you saving for your retirement? Do you have a pension or a 401k through your place of employment? What strategies and goals are you working on to ensure that you are ready to retire when the time comes? Whether you already have a pension, 401k or other type of retirement savings plan through your […] Read more »

How to Open a CD in New Bedford, Massachusetts

If you are looking for a new way to invest your money in New Bedford, a certificate of deposit (CD) just might be the answer. The best way to describe what a CD is and how it works is to call it a “time” deposit. This type of investment account is flexible, allowing the investor […] Read more »

Save Money in New Bedford: Credit Union Money Market Account Basics

New Bedford Credit Union Money Market Basics

Your local credit union has a lot of different programs designed to help its members save money. When most people think about setting money aside, they immediately think about opening a credit union savings account. While savings accounts are good, a credit union money market account can be even better. While very similar to a […] Read more »

Credit Union Home Loans: How and Where to Apply in New Bedford

Home Loan with New Bedfords Best Credit Union

If you belong to a Southcoast Massachusetts credit union, you are probably already aware of all the opportunities available to members for home loans and home equity loans. If you do not belong to a credit union, this article will help you see the benefits to membership, learn how and where to apply for a […] Read more »